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  • Fristads Kansas

    In 2003, the brand underlying Fristads and Kansas changed its name to Kwintet, and in 2005 it was acquired by the private equity firm Industri Kapital. This eventually led to the Fristads and Kansas brands becoming a single brand - Fristads Kansas. This new brand is able to offer the widest range of high-quality work clothing, which will continue the appreciated work clothing tradition that Fristads and Kansas started during the last century. Kwintet got new owners in 2015 and with the change of the owner, the name was changed to Fristads Kansas Group.

  • Atlantis

    ATLANTIS is a wide collection of headgear and accessories, with an Italian design. The range offers products for every occasion, without compromising on quality.

  • Sievi

    Sievin Jalkine Oy is Northern Europe's largest footwear manufacturer. Sievin Jalkine Oy's main products are safety and occupational footwear, as well as military footwear. The collection also includes men's and women's casual footwear.


  • Hejco

    Hejco's clothing is known for good quality and functionality. Our products can withstand closer scrutiny, all the way down to the seams. The same can be said of our brand. Founded in Sweden in 1954, Hejco has long experience, strong knowledge and extensive expertise in the manufacturing of work clothing. Many cannot offer similar experience and expertise.

  • Grizzly

    With carefully chosen profile clothing, bags or profiled gifts, you communicate your message in the same way as an impressive business card. Grizzly's wide range of products is full of classic and sporty clothes and bags. You will definitely find products in the range that are suitable for your intended use.

  • DAD

    Dreams and goals make your life much more meaningful and fun, whether they are small decisions in everyday life or big and important business or personal life decisions.

  • Acode

    Acode has made functional sportswear with a Scandinavian design for several years. The changing seasons of the North and the ensuing damp, dry, hot and cold changes of the climate must be taken into account, in particular, in clothing. Acode's products are also designed to bring out your company's image representatively.

  • J. Harvest & Frost

    The J. Harvest & Frost brand was born from a passion to design more affordable high-quality products. We designed an elegant collection finished with intricate details, which can be used both at work and during leisure time. 

  • Harvest

    The James Harvest Sportswear collection is based on American college fashion, which is characterised by high quality. In design, the practicality of products is heavily invested in, without forgetting fashion. Experience shows that companies and organisations, which emphasise quality in their own works, most often choose their uniforms and marketing textiles from the James Harvest Sportswear collection.


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  • Toppoint

    You will find a huge variety of promotional/giveaway products in Toppoint's wide range, which can be labelled in many different ways. Whether you are looking for small giveaway products for a trade fair, or a larger promotional gift for a special occasion, you can find everything from Toppoint.

  • Cottover

    Our clothes are powerful messengers and tell a lot about who we are. For this reason, profile clothing should be chosen carefully. What you choose closest to your body has a lot of impact on the environment and your health, but in addition to this, also people's working conditions.

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  • Cutter & Buck

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  • D-vice

    The D-Vice collection includes a wide selection of top quality and advanced promotional devices. The range includes something for all moments, and for every budget - music & video, telephone & travel, office & workstation, as well as accessories for laptops and smartphones.

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  • D&J

    D&J offers a comprehensive range of practical and beautiful products for the home and leisure time. Gift giving is paying attention and respect to another person. Gifts selected from the D&J range have two positive effects; impact on the recipient of the gift and our environment. D&J is committed to working with organisations that promote good working conditions and a better tomorrow.

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  • Orrefors

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  • James Harvest

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  • Muikku

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  • PF-Concept

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